The dream lifestyle - Bigflo & Oli

Would you say that celebrities have to look inaccessible to maintain their star image? Think about your favorite artist... Done? Now imagine that you meet him everyday in your neighborhood, that you get bread from the same bakery, or even that he confides in you like any of your mates. Will you still consider him as your star ? Bigflo and Oli, the most ordinary rappers in the history, ZEF and I gonna let you know ... Continue reading

Create a web page with Django (logic and concept).

If you are reading this, you either clicked on the article (I am sure à 99% it's the case) or manually typed its web address (I really don't thing it's the case 🙃). What happens during the elapsed time between when you click on a Shumpaga's link and when it is displayed ? We will try to answer this question by constructing together a new web page! Are you ready ? Let's go!

An unusual museum in the Voodoo capital

Voodoo Day is the not-to-be-missed event each January 10th in Benin. More than a simple holiday, it is a genuine cultural festival which takes place in the city of Ouidah and spotlights folk dances, songs and of course, voodoo deities. The city of Ouidah today is recognized as the capital of Voodoo. Let me take you for a walk there, especially at the Kpasse sacred forest museum, you'll even get the chance to contemplate a reconstructed 3D ... Continue reading

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