Or Noir (Black Gold) Part 3 - Kaaris

Purists know that "Or Noir" age left its mark on French rap. With his first two albums where you can find the singles "Zoo", "Paradis ou enfer", "Chargé" and "S.E.V.R.A.N", Kaaris has foiled the direction that french urban music was going to take. It was no surprise that when a new "Or Noir" album was announced 5 years after the first two, everybody was looking forward to it. In this article, Hermes and I ... Continue reading

Gender pay-gap in Africa

Inequality between women and men continues to exist even though it tends to improve. It can take many forms, both at the level of law and at the level of society. What about Africa? Which African countries are the least discriminatory in terms of wages between women and men? Which country has the biggest difference in pay? That is exactly what I am about to show you in this article! We will present the data ... Continue reading

On the slave route

The "Door of No Return", once crossed, removed to the african slaves any hope of staying. After this real farewell to their native land, they got into slave ships. Imagine a moment you can live these events, hard isn't it ? But do you know what you have to go through even before reaching this door ? In this article, Faride and I are taking you on the way there. You'll even be able to ... Continue reading

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