Or Noir (Black Gold) Part 3 - Kaaris

Purists know that "Or Noir" age left its mark on French rap. With his first two albums where you can find the singles "Zoo", "Paradis ou enfer", "Chargé" and "S.E.V.R.A.N", Kaaris has foiled the direction that french urban music was going to take. It was no surprise that when a new "Or Noir" album was announced 5 years after the first two, everybody was looking forward to it. In this article, Hermes and I are giving our opinion about this project, as well as our Top 3 of favorite songs. Here we go!


The one they call the "Dozo" or even "K2A", the rapper from Sevran is well known for his aggression. He's got us used to a very dark color, crude, and impacting punchlines like a boxer on the ring. Speaking of ring, this album refers much to his rivalry with the Duke of Boulogne, Booba. After the fight they had at Orly airport, both of them aren't ready to hug each other again (laughs). It's said Booba has proposed Kaaris an official fight couple of weeks ago in an octagon "without rules". Even though this fight is likely to never happen, you can find in the album a song titled "Octogone" (Octagon).

We couldn't ever talk about this third "Or Noir" album without comparing it to the previous two, and our feeling is that this latest doesn't really reflect the rage and the experience of "Or Noir".

"I am the bad seed which wanna clear them all, we all have a bullet reserved for us." - Song : Chien de la casse

Even though there are some songs consistent with his basic recipe, this kind of punchline we mentioned above reveals a more relaxed Kaaris, a less profound pen. Hermes thinks that this album is not completed, and we have the feeling Kaaris wasn't at 100% of his abilities.

Regarding the tracklist, the first song of the album "Chien de la casse" gets us in a crazy atmosphere. Kaaris sets the bar really high from the beginning. Then you have to wait for the third song featuring Mac Tyer and Sofiane, his acolytes from 93 Empire to get off again. We can say that the choice of the featurings is pretty good, with also SCH on the song "Cigarette" which is a real delight that appears almost at the end of the tracklist. And last but not least, we have "Octogone", a dope hit which would deserve to be one of the annunciator singles of the album. Anyway, when you listen to the project in the order, it starts well and ends well. However, we're still hot for it in the middle.

Regarding our crush, Hermes and I are unanimous about our Top 3 of the songs :

In third place, "Chien de la casse" : As it's exactly the kind of song we were expecting when it's about Or Noir. It's dark, profound, it goes from the gut. We feel a Kaaris who's got his share of guts, who wants to make it!

In second place, "Cigarette": It's the second time we have the chance to have Kaaris and SCH on the same song, and they both killed it. Kaaris has once again cooked up a very dark chorus, which hits. Special mention for the instrumental which no doubt is part of the success of the song.

"Hey, 9.3, 11.43, in your "tarma zemel" / when she sees me, she's like : it'll never fit." - Song : Cigarette

In first place, not surprisingly, "Octogone" : It's a pretty particular song addressing his rival, where Kaaris releases many bars wich make us laugh just like this extract :

"The coup stick is electric, we rob the robbers because they can't call the cops." - Song : Chien de la casse


Whatever people say, Kaaris is and remains a French rap icon. It's difficult to imagine what the french urban music would be today if this artist had never existed. He decided, 5 years later, for all to enjoy, to follow up on "Or Noir Part 2" and "Or Noir", his first two albums with an undoubted success. Even though we think an "Or Noir Part.3" should have deserved more level, Hermes and I were pleased to listen to it. It's worth saying also that during 5 years, music has evolved considerably, and it might be normal that this album is not just like the first two. What about you? What do you think?


Writing: Alexandre Gbaguidi Aïsse & Hermès Towanou
English translation:  Brayan ZEF

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My name is Alexandre Gbaguidi Aïsse, half beninese, half russian and my life can be summed up in two words: computing and music. Graduate of EPITA, an engineering school, I currently work for Bentley Systems as a software engineer. In my spare time, either I do or listen to music.

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  1. Très belle analyse!

    by Kenos at 14:12, Feb. 17, 2019

  2. Merci Kenos ! Si tu souhaites que je me penche sur un album en particulier prochainement n'hésite pas à me faire des suggestions :)

    by Shumpaga at 15:23, Feb. 20, 2019

  3. Je n écoute pas trop ce style de music. Mais il faut avouer qu il est une des références.. superbe article #shumpaga

    by Sonia at 23:49, Feb. 17, 2019

  4. Sonia, n'est-ce pas? Merci quand même d'avoir pris le temps de lire l'article même si ce n'est pas tout à fait ton style de musique 🙏

    by Shumpaga at 15:25, Feb. 20, 2019