My name is Alexandre Gbaguidi Aïsse, half beninese, half russian and my life can be summed up in two words: computing and music. Graduate of EPITA, an engineering school, I currently work for Bentley Systems as a software engineer. In my spare time, either I do or listen to music.

We live in a world where appearance matters! Someone is usually defined based on what he does. Yes I like music, I rap, does it mean that I have nothing between the ears? Yes I'm an engineer, I develop softwares, is it a problem if you see me jumping on a stage?

I hope that this blog will somehow break through these entrenched social images. You can find here different facets of me. There is my engineer side who wants to transmit his passion, explain with simple words things which look complicated. There is the singer and music lover, who listen with an attentive ear and try to find every single tiny detail in a musical project. And finally, there is the guy who wants to show you beautiful places, things from your armchair.

Find here once a month a new article in each category. Don't hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter (at the bottom) to never miss a new article. For any question, suggestion or inquiry related to the blog or not, write me at contact@shumpaga.com (even for a simple greeting, it's always a pleasure 😉).

For those who know, find my last open source contributions on my github: